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You’re invited to a special workshop for parents and professionals who interact with children whose behavior and learning problems suggest the possibility of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Did you know there are several combinations of visual problems, visual skills deficits and refractive conditions that mimic A.D.D.? For a child with A.D.D., these visual deficiencies make things worse.

You are invited to attend this special workshop.
Tuesday, June 5
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Omni Vision & Learning (http://www NULL.omnivisioncenter NULL.com/)
Mary Gregory, O.D.
9766 Fallon Ave, Suite 105
Monticello, MN  55362

This event is free but space is limited so please RSVP.
Contact:  Kim Kampa 763.314.0664

In this lively, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to assess, test for and distinguish visual conditions that mimic or complicate ADD. You’ll have an opportunity to practice tests on other participants, to ask questions, and to interact with other parents and professionals who are interested in or working with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention Deficit Disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis.

Many parents have mixed feelings when they hear their family physician say, “It’s A.D.D.” It’s a relief to identify the problem, yet disquieting to think of their child taking such powerful medication.

Many cases of “A.D.D.” may include visual deficiencies that make near vision work extremely difficult. If the child has true A.D.D., the visual problem itself may be so severe that it limits the possibility of improvement.

Some mild “A.D.D.” cases may really be a severe vision problem.

Here are signs that suggest the presence of a visual deficiency:

  • Attention span becomes shorter during close-up work
  • Poor concentration when reading
  • Restless when facing near work that requires comprehension
  • Disturbs other children in class during reading or other subjects that require intense near focus and concentration
  • Can concentrate for longer times when playing computer games or other compelling near vision work
  • Seems compelled to touch everything
  • Bumps into things, doesn’t seem aware of nearby objects
  • Often trips or falls instead of stepping over objects, steps, carpet edges or rugs
  • Hates to read, but likes being read to
  • Continues having problems doing near-work despite an increase in the ability to concentrate after taking medication

Click here for the PDF Workshop Announcement.

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Dr Mary Gregory will be leading ADD ADHD or Vision Problem Workshop April 3 2012.

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have been diagnosed with increasing frequency in recent years. ADD and ADHD are psychiatric disorders characterized by inattentiveness or hyperactivity and compulsiveness which interfere with a child’s academic and social performance. Ritalin, Adderall or similar stimulants are commonly used to treat ADD/ADHD because they help a child to “focus”. Unfortunately, there are also negative side effects affecting appetite, sleep and growth. Many parents and teachers have begun to wonder “Do all of these children really have ADD?”

Vision Problems Similar to ADD or ADHD

You may be surprised to learn that children with undetected vision problems can manifest symptoms similar to ADD. Studies show that approximately 20% of school-aged children suffer from eye teaming or focusing problems that make concentrating on a single task for long periods of time very difficult. Both children with vision related learning problems and children with ADD are easily distracted, have short attention spans, fail to complete assignments, and are often fidgety and off task.

If a child that truly has ADD also suffers from vision related learning problems it becomes very difficult to treat one problem if the other is not also addressed.

Dr. Mary Gregory is hosting a workshop on April 3, 2012 at 6:30PM at Omni Vision and Learning Center. This workshop is designed for both parents and teachers and professionals who interact with children whose behavior and learning problems suggest the possibility of ADD.

To reserve your seat please contact Kim @ 763-314-0664


ADD ADHD or Vision Problem

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