Duette HD Contact Lenses

What Are High Definition Contact Lenses?

In a world full of high definition televisions, laptop computers and telephone displays, it only makes sense that your vision be in high definition as well. Unfortunately, for many contact lens wearers, high definition vision has not always been possible – the materials used to make traditional lenses have limited capabilities in producing the crisp, clear vision, especially at night, or when the wearer’s eyes become tired. The lack of clarity has plagued many contact lens wearers.

Until now. Thanks to the Duette HD contact lens wearers can enjoy the truly crisp, clear vision that was never before possible.

Uptown Eye Care is very pleased to announce the addition of Duette HD contact lenses to our product lineup. We believe that many of our current and potential contact lens wearing patients will benefit from Duette HD lenses, and urge you to try a pair for yourself.

How do Duette HD Contact Lenses provide superior clarity?

One of the main drawbacks of traditional contact lenses is that they tend to rotate on your eye throughout the day. Known in the industry as toric lens rotation, this rotation can cause focus problems, leading to a reduction in the clarity of the wearer’s vision. Duette HD lenses are free of toric lens rotation, allowing the wearer’s eye to remain in focus a greater percentage of the time, thereby increasing the clarity of vision.

In addition to HD vision clarity and stability, Duette HD lenses offer wearers several other benefits to wearers, including:

  • Enhanced breathability: Duette’s patented dual material design enables a healthy flow of oxygen to the eyes.
  • Comfort: Soft parts of the Duette lens provide all day comfort.
  • Sun protection: Duette lenses feature UV protection to help filter out harmful rays.

These benefits combined offer clearer vision at all distances, better near-field vision, better vision in dim light and increased comfort, even after a full day of wear.

Learn More About Duette HD Lenses – Make an Appointment with Uptown Eye Care Today

At Uptown Eye Care, we are constantly exploring new and emerging eye care technology in an effort to provide our patients with the best possible variety of choices for their eye care needs. After carefully reviewing the benefits that Duette HD lenses have to offer, we are happy to offer them to patients who experience a loss of vision clarity after blinking, at the end of the day or when driving at night.

To learn more about Duette HD lenses, or to try a pair for yourself, contact Uptown Eye Care and schedule an eye consultation today.

If you already wear Duette HD Contact Lenses, see our contact care guide with instructional videos:  http://www.uptowneyecare.com/duette-contact-lenses/