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A Vision Center for Dry Eye Therapy

There are different causes of Dry Eye Disease, and, not surprisingly, there are different ways to treat Dry Eye Disease.

Individualized Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

dry eye disease

Dry Eye Disease

Dr. Elaine Happ, OD owns a vision center center for Dry Eye Therapy.  Uptown Eye Care offers comprehensive treatment for dry eye disease. “I have developed a treatment protocol that takes into account that each individual will respond differently to treatment.”

On your initial visit for a dry eye evaluation we will do thorough testing to determine the severity of your condition. Based on your test results we will know if you have mild, moderate or severe dry eye disease. We will then discuss treatment options that will give you the best results. The options could include artificial tear therapy, Omega-3 supplements, punctal plugs, anti-inflammatory drops or prescription strength artificial tears.

We schedule a follow up visit approximately 30 days after we implement the original treatment plan where we can again use the TearLab to see if you are getting positive results with our chosen treatment plan. If necessary, we adjust the therapy to maximize your results.

If you suffer from red, burning or itching eyes or if you get a sandy or gritty feeling, excessive tearing and are sensitive to light you may have dry eye disease. If you have had refractive surgery, or spend long hours in front of a computer or suffer from allergies the symptoms of dry eye disease can be intensified.

Don’t put up with the discomfort of dry eyes. Call our vision center or Contact Us and schedule a dry eye evaluation with Dr. Happ.

A Vision Center for Dry Eye Therapy

Does Your Vision Center Care?

Does a visit to your vision care center leave you wondering if they really care about you? Does Your Vision Center Care?

At Uptown Eye Care we do care about what our patients want when they visit us. In fact, we routinely ask our patients how they feel about the care, services and products they receive from us. Then, we make changes to accommodate the desires of our patients. Here are some of the changes we have made in response to the requests of our patients.
Does your vision center offer convenient appointment hours? Our office offers both evening and weekend hours to accommodate those with busy schedules.

Does your vision center assist you with your insurance questions? We realize insurance benefits can be difficult to understand and our specialists will work diligently to answer all your questions and to make insurance billing go smoothly.
Do you hate filling out pages of forms every time you go to the doctor’s office? We offer online patient information forms so you can fill them out at your convenience, then just email them back to us. You can also make appointment requests on our website or from our FaceBook page. We also give you the option of having your appointment reminders emailed or sent by text message instead of reaching you by phone.

Does your vision center offer a maintenance benefit with your eye glass purchase? Our opticians know that glasses need periodic adjustments and minor repairs and we offer that service at no charge, even if you didn’t purchase your glasses from us!
Have you ever lost or torn a disposable contact lens? We understand that accidents happen. If you purchased your contacts from us and need a replacement lens we will gladly do all we can to provide that for you.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you and your family with superior eye care in an environment where you feel that you matter.

Please contact us and let us know how we are doing.

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