common vision terms explained

Focus on Vision Terms – Common Eye Care Medical Terms

When you go to the eye clinic, you may hear many terms used that you are not sure of the definition. When your eye doctor says your vision is 20/20 (or 20/100), what exactly does he mean? If the eye doctor tells you that your daughter may need vision therapy, what exactly is vision therapy? In this post we’ll explain common vision terms used at the eye doctor’s clinic and what they mean.

Makeup Tips for Eye Health

Makeup Tips for Eye Health

People wear makeup for various reasons. Many wear makeup to feel more confident; others wear it because they think it makes them look more attractive. In fact, in recent research, women named eye makeup as the number one way to enhance other women’s general facial attractiveness. No matter what the reason for wearing makeup, it’s…

light eye strain

What the Watt? Lighting and Eye Strain

According to the American Optometric Association, more than half of all office workers who use computers regularly suffer eye strain. Interestingly, this problem is not due to computer use alone; the lighting that surrounds us at home and at work can actually harm our eyes. Many parents warn their kids to turn on a light…