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Dr Gregory Goes to Panama – Eye Care Missions Trip

There are so many thoughts, emotions and stories to tell about my families recent mission trip to Panama. It’s difficult to even know where to begin! Our trip’s mission through an organization called VOSH-Minnesota was to provide eye care and glasses to people without the resources to do this on their own. What we provided were 5,000 pairs of glasses, 12 doctors and 27 helpers. What we donated were 1,828 eye exams and over 3,000 pairs of glasses. What we brought home was priceless- new friends, a stronger faith and a desire to share more.

Combating Cataracts in Third-World Countries

Combating Cataracts in Third-World Countries

June is Cataract Awareness Month. Half of all cases of blindness are caused by cataracts, and the majority of these 20 million cases of cataract-induced blindness occur in developing countries. When someone goes blind in many of these countries, it can mean loss of job and status and cause complete dependence on family members. Last July, we wrote an article on cataract prevention tips. This year, we want to highlight a few organizations working to help treat people in third-world countries with cataracts through surgery.

Paraoptometric of the Year Award

Paraoptometric of the Year Award

All of us at Uptown Eye Care would like to congratulate our Optical Team Leader, LaRae F. on being chosen as the Paraoptometric of the Year by the Minnesota Optometric Association. Each year the Minnesota Optometric Association presents this award to a paraoptometric that has made outstanding contributions to the paraoptometric profession. We think LaRae…

Paraoptometric Recognition Week at Uptown Eye Care

What is a Paraoptometric? Paraoptometrics are allied health professionals who assist optometrists in providing their highest level of vision care to patients. They extend the optometrist’s capabilities by assuming routine and technical aspects of vision care services. Paraoptometrics are to optometrists what paralegals are to lawyers. Paraoptometrics perform a variety of duties in the optometric…

Calhoun Square Uptown Minneapolis

How did Uptown Eye Care get it’s name? – Minneapolis to Monticello

The real reason I named our practice “Uptown Eye Care” is to remember how distinctly different the Uptown Minneapolis area was to me back then, and how it stood out as being above and beyond the normal city atmosphere. That ambiance is what we are trying to re-create here at Uptown Eye Care. We hope you get a sense of that when you enter our Monticello, MN eye care office.