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Eyesight During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Eye Changes

Throughout pregnancy your body is going through rapid changes as another life develops within your womb. Women notice so many things, from swollen ankles, to flattening feet, and ligament pains. Many women don’t know, however, that even your eyes can be affected by the pregnancy. Surprisingly the reason for this is the same as the…

newborn crusty eyes

Crusty Eyes in the Morning and Other Eye Discharges

Waking Up with Crusty Eyes: Have you ever had a night of good, hard sleep, then you wake up, rub your eyes and discover a crusty substance in the corners of your eyes? Or have you noticed a funny discharge in your newborn’s eyes? Our eyes are constantly producing tears to help lubricate and protect them. In adults this discharge tends to be from causes other than our tear ducts, whereas newborns often get blocked tear ducts within the first few weeks after birth.

Combating Cataracts in Third-World Countries

Combating Cataracts in Third-World Countries

June is Cataract Awareness Month. Half of all cases of blindness are caused by cataracts, and the majority of these 20 million cases of cataract-induced blindness occur in developing countries. When someone goes blind in many of these countries, it can mean loss of job and status and cause complete dependence on family members. Last July, we wrote an article on cataract prevention tips. This year, we want to highlight a few organizations working to help treat people in third-world countries with cataracts through surgery.

Sleepy Owl

Get Some Shut-Eye to See Better!

Sleep is one of the body’s most basic necessities. Study after study demonstrates the importance of sleep to our physical, mental and social health. But did you know that your eyes also benefit from the proper amount of sleep and that too little sleep can cause vision problems? The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get…

Ultraviolet Awareness Month

Ultraviolet Awareness Month

May is Healthy Vision Month, as well as Ultraviolet Awareness Month. The two go hand-in-hand; one way to maintain healthy vision is by protecting your eyes from ultraviolet light. With that in mind, consider these facts about ultraviolet light: Ultraviolet light falls on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum between visible light and X-rays; its wavelength is…

New Year Resolutions for Your Eyes

5 New Year Resolutions for Your Eyes

This New Year, you may have a long list of resolutions including ones revolving around health, relationships, religion, hobbies, and bucket list items. But have you ever thought about throwing improving your eye health in among your New Year resolutions? Perhaps you haven’t realized that some of your resolutions may actually affect your eyes’ health…