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Seeing Stars in Vision Phosphene

Seeing Stars in Vision | Rubbing Eyes: Phosphene Phenomenon

Did you ever close your eyes and push on them with your fingers as a child to see waves and patterns of color float across your eyelids? Perhaps more commonly for adults, have you ever stood up suddenly from reclining or laying down and seen spots swimming across your vision? Or maybe you suffer from migraines that begin as flashes and spots of light crossing the visual field. Hopefully you have never been knocked on the head hard enough to cause flashes of light, but that is another way that you may see strange spots that don’t actually exist. This phenomenon of “seeing stars in vision” is called a “phosphene,” and is the experience of seeing light when no light is actually entering the eye.

Healthy Eye Care Tips for College Students

Healthy Eye Care Tips for College Students

The start of the college semester is just around the corner, and right now most college-bound students are busy packing boxes, preparing schedules, and cringing at the price of textbooks. For those students’ eyes, college means sleep deprivation, lots of close-up work, screen time galore, and close contact with other germs. This can lead to eye fatigue, dry eyes and conjunctivitis or other eye diseases. To help keep your eyes in top shape for the course load ahead, put the following tips into practice.

nutrition for cataract prevention

Cataract Prevention | Sunglasses, Nutrition and Eye Exams

Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye, located behind the pupil and iris, becomes cloudy. This can result in cause blurriness, sensitivity to light and vision loss. Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness and affect millions of people in the United States, especially those over the age of 40. The only way to treat cataracts is to remove the clouded lens through surgery. The good news is that cataracts are preventable to a certain extent. Follow our tips to ensure that you are doing your part to prevent cataracts.

blue light visible spectrum - blutech

Is Blue Light Harmful to your Vision?

The radical increase in our use of electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptop computers in addition to energy efficient fluorescent and LED lights has drastically increased our exposure to blue light. Blue Light is absorbed directly into the eye, and it is not automatically screened by protective eyewear like sunglasses.

secret to younger-looking eyes

Secrets for Younger-Looking Eyes

Have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror, and wondered, “What happened?” Crow’s feet, puffy bags, and dark under-eye circles may have begun a daily assault on your eyes, and the only way you can think to combat it is piling the makeup on higher and deeper (if you’re a woman) or splashing some cold water on it and hoping no one notices (if you’re a man). Well, before resorting to your makeup bag or just throwing in the towel on aging eyes, try these tips out.