Daily Contact Usage Tips

Daily Contact Usage Tips

Contact lens technology has come a long way. From 1887, when the first contact lens was produced out of glass, to 1996, when one-day disposable contact lenses were introduced, contact lenses have changed shape and material over the years. Each improvement has increased the comfort, convenience and healthiness of contacts. However, one thing has not…

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

You have completed your eye doctor appointment, you were prescribed contact lenses, and now you are at home staring at the box full of lenses. If only you could remember everything you were told at your contact lens instruction class. You know they are supposed to be kept moist, but how else do you care for them? Crank up your contact lens confidence and competence with our tips. Not only will your contact lenses thank you, but your eyes will, too!

Duette HD Contact Lenses

Uptown Eye Care Adds Duette HD Contact Lenses to Product Lineup

Uptown Eye Care is very pleased to announce the addition of Duette HD contact lenses to our product lineup. We believe that many of our current and potential contact lens wearing patients will benefit from Duette HD lenses, and urge you to try a pair for yourself. To learn more about Duette HD lenses, or to try a pair for yourself, contact Uptown Eye Care and schedule an eye consultation today.