healthy winter eyes

Maintaining Healthy Eyes in Winter

When we think about caring for our bodies and our health in the winter, we often think about wearing layers of clothing for warmth, making sure our skin is covered, and getting exercise despite being cooped up indoors. In addition to taking these seasonal precautions for our health and safety, it’s important to also make…

Dry Eye Syndrome

End the Discomfort of Dry Eye Syndrome | Treating Dry Eyes

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?
A number of factors can lead to dry eye syndrome, including age, eye fatigue caused by computer use or television viewing, reduced tear production and others. Knowing the cause of your unique symptoms is one of the most important steps in treating your discomfort.

Untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to a degradation of vision, increased pain or ulceration of the cornea.
At Uptown Eye Care, we know how uncomfortable chronic dry eyes can be. We also know how important it is to treat the underlying condition leading to your discomfort.