Calhoun Square Uptown Minneapolis

How did Uptown Eye Care get it’s name? – Minneapolis to Monticello

The real reason I named our practice “Uptown Eye Care” is to remember how distinctly different the Uptown Minneapolis area was to me back then, and how it stood out as being above and beyond the normal city atmosphere. That ambiance is what we are trying to re-create here at Uptown Eye Care. We hope you get a sense of that when you enter our Monticello, MN eye care office.

Pre-K Eye Exam Day

The Minnesota Optometric Association Announces Pre-K Eye Exam Day

Governor Dayton has declared August as Children’s Vision Month. The Minnesota Optometric Association (MOA) has named August 1, as Pre-K Eye Exam Day, a statewide effort that is part of its Good Sight for Kindergarten campaign. Participating MOA members around the state will offer one-time, no-cost eye exams to 5 -year olds entering kindergarten either on August 1 or another date and time.