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Pediatric Eye Care at Uptown Eye Care

Child Eye Exam GirlDid you know that pediatric eye care can help prevent academic, social, and developmental issues that may arise due to poor vision?

Regular eye exams for children are crucial for the early detection of vision problems that may go unnoticed and untreated.

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Infant Eye Exams

Believe it or not, optometrists examine the eyes of even the tiniest bundles of joy! This exam typically takes place between six and twelve months of age.

At this crucial stage in a baby's development, their brains are still growing, and they're learning to see, just as they're learning to walk and talk.

Ultimately, we want to make sure they have the best possible start in life.

Why Are Infant Eye Exams Necessary?

Infant eye exams are crucial for detecting and addressing potential vision problems early on. We typically perform eye teaming tests and check for visual acuity during a pediatric eye appointment.

We determine if there are issues with the alignment of the eyes. This affects a child’s depth perception and the ability to focus on objects.

We also check for any signs of amblyopia or lazy eye, a condition characterized by one eye being weaker or less developed than the other.

What to Expect During an Infant Eye Exam

A parent can expect a comprehensive assessment of their child's visual health, including a review of medical history and any current eye-related concerns or symptoms.

Your friendly pediatric optometrist at Uptown Eye Care will perform a series of tests to evaluate the child's visual acuity, eye movement, in-depth perception, and ability to focus on objects.

Based on the exam results, the eye doctor may recommend treatment such as glasses, vision therapy, or further medical evaluation if necessary.

What About Follow-Up Appointments?

Children should see an optometrist for their first follow-up exam at three years of age. By this time, their visual skills should have developed enough to sit and pay attention during the exam.

Then, it’s important to schedule an eye exam before they start their first school year and to continue with yearly exams thereafter to ensure your little one’s visual system develops correctly and to detect any problems.

Eye Exams for Children of All Ages

A comprehensive eye exam is vital for maintaining good eye health and catching any potential problems early on. At Uptown Eye Care, children of all ages benefit from the expertise of our friendly and caring pediatric optometrists in Monticello.